Little League Superstar Mo’ne Davis Breaking Ankles On The Basketball Court, Too



By now you’ve seen ESPN and Good Morning America turn Little League pitcher Mo’ne Davis into a novelty item they’ll Tebow-ize during the upcoming Little League World Series. Mo’ne Davis is about to become the biggest star at the LLWS since Danny Almonte’s fake birth certificate. And she should be a star. She only went out and pitched a complete game three-hitter to send Center City (Philadelphia) to Williamsport. That makes her the first female American girl to play in the LLWS in a decade.

The difference this year is that Davis will be one of the best pitchers in the entire tournament. And she’s been dominating boys in baseball and basketball for years.


This is from 2010:



Davis’ team starts the LLWS with a 3 p.m. game on Friday against the Southeast region champion. Think of the TV audience that tunes in if Davis starts that game. The ratings will be insane for LLWS. That game will outperform Astros, Marlins and Twins games combined. Tell me you don’t want to see the Mo’ne train mowing down hitters. You can’t.  The Philly after work bar scene will be out of control. People acting like the Phillies are in the World Series.

I’m excited.


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