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Dan Marino Still Wearing Florida State Gear



That’s Dan taking time this weekend to wrap his arms around a couple coeds on a random beach.

From a post I wrote in June:

Dan was 33-3 at Pitt from 1979-1981. Dan’s only loss in 1980 was a 36-22 defeat at Florida State. The Panthers went 9-3 his senior season. You get the idea: Dan Marino had one helluva career at Pitt.

Did Marino lose a bet I’m not aware of? The guy won’t stop wearing FSU gear. This is now the third time this summer Dan has been spotted in a Seminoles shirt and we still can’t find a correlation between his life and Tallahassee.

Someone help me out here:

[via @cbeckss]

Dan needs to go back to wearing these:

Picture 1

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