Coke Head Dustin Johnson Passing Time Giving Golf Lessons In Idaho

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That’s Dustin Johnson this weekend giving sand lessons at the Gozzer Golf Club in Idaho where Wayne and Janet Gretzky own an insane retreat that you might remember we showed you a couple years ago. Janet reports that this is DJ “putting on a clinic at member guest.” The guy is serving a six month cocaine suspension so he might as well keep busy doing things besides bumps.
It was reported late this week that Wayne warned DJ about his out of control behavior and that if he didn’t clean up his drug habit, the wedding was off. The fall wedding has already been postponed with no new date announced.
Dustin has been holed up in Idaho with the Gretzkys ever since returning from the British Open. From what we can tell via social media, his days consist of boating, golf and whatever else you do at an Idaho retreat (paintball). It’s not like the place is horrible for rehab. It’s probably hard to find a coke dealer in the woods that surround Wayne’s compound that features two massive water slides.
The real test will come when Idaho gets boring and Paulina wants to go home to Los Angeles. Then things are going to get interesting.

Dustin Johnson’s rehab retreat (Wayne’s house):

Buy Private Golf Course In The Hamptons – $60 Million
Buy Private Golf Course In The Hamptons – $60 Million