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I’ve lost track of how many GameDays I’ve been to since my first in 2008 when Ohio State went to L.A. and got destroyed by USC. I know there have been trips to Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU, and West Virginia over the years for this traveling circus. That trip to Los Angeles still stands out because ESPN brought nearly every college football asset they had for the game. The front entrance to the Coliseum was turned into a massive party with people passing liquor bottles, joints, puking in the bushes, the most beautiful college chicks in the country walking around and it was 80/sunny. It’s just a perfect place, minus the dumpy neighborhood.

Best GameDay stops I’ve been to:

1. USC

2. Michigan State (it was a completely out of control booze-fest right in the middle of campus; I’ve never seen so many liquor bottles at GameDay)

3. West Virginia (special place for GameDay; WVU gave a special effort that Saturday morning)

4. Florida State (fans drinking out of kegs and holding their GameDay signs; fun place)

5. Ohio State (not bad/not great; average crowd for the USC game a few years ago; location isn’t conducive for getting ripped at GameDay)

6. LSU (security acted like pricks and walked around taking signs; the tailgating, however, cannot be beat)

7. Michigan (rather reserved crowd; pretty boring)

8. Notre Dame (waste of a stop; students are afraid to make crude signs; could’ve left an hour after getting there)

Enjoy GameDay in its current setup while you can. Lee Corso just turned 79 and the show will obviously lose it’s buzz when the legend decides it’s time to hang it up. The show kicks off the 2014 road trip in Fort Worth August 29-30 for the Oklahoma State-Florida State game.

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