Tiger After Errant PGA Championship Drive: “F–k’s Sake”


And that’s the Tiger we all know and love.

I really enjoyed Wednesday’s PGA Championship coverage on the Golf Channel when the analysts couldn’t stop debating whether Tiger had a shot at winning the tournament. For fuck’s sake, are you kidding me? The guy couldn’t finish at Bridgestone and starts Thursday with a +3 round and in a tie for 130th (full leaderboard). The guy will have to hustle to make the cut. I mean, he’s going to be home on Saturday and Sunday.

At least the guy left us with a great “fuck’s sake” drive. Let’s all remember that the guy hasn’t won a major since 2008 and his first round is just two strokes better than John Daly’s round. Looks like Jack Nicklaus and his 18 majors are safe for another year while Tiger turns 39 in December. Nicklaus was 40 when he won twice in 1980. His final major victory came at the 1986 Masters. Tiger has 14 major titles and a bad back.


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