Manziel’s Girlfriend’s Birthday Kiss, John Starks At Six Flags & Dufner Scratching His Balls


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We’re now just seven days from the debut of the SEC Network and the start of men across the South ignoring their wives at night while they’re in the spare room watching Joe Tessitore. The big disaster that’s coming the SEC Network’s way is Tim Tebow. The guy is going to be terrible. He won’t be critical of players because he’s Mr. Positive and there has to be some religious reasoning for being Mr. Positive. Give him a week and you’ll be bitching when he starts opening his mouth.

The first 24 hours of the channel will be devoted to old football games you don’t watch on ESPNU when they air and Kentucky basketball against the Dominican Republic. Remember the 2013 Alabama-Texas A&M game? SEC Network will give it to you again in case you missed it a week ago on ESPNU. The first game to be aired on SECN is the 2009 Alabama-Florida game where Tebow cries. What Alabama fan doesn’t already have that one saved on his DVR?

You get the idea.

All eyes today will be on Louisville and whether Tiger’s back can hold up for four more rounds. My guess: He’ll make it hold up and it won’t be pretty.

FromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

In his 19 major starts since his last title (2008 U.S. Open), Tiger Woods has shot a combined 6-over-par


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