Hottest Alumni of the Pac-12


The Pac-12 is a conference know for two things: high scoring offenses and women. Yes, women.
Outside of the state of Oregon, the conference is a hit or miss some years. Even when Oregon is having a bad season, they still manage to score about 14 TD’s a game in under a minute. And that is great and all, but the women are better.
Arizona, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, and Washington are all the states represented in the Pac-12. California boasts four of the schools while Washington, Oregon, and Arizona bring in two each.
According to a random survey found on the internet or made up in our head, Arizona and California are the two states that have the most attractive women. Ever.
How about we take a sexy walk down memory lane? Or is it a walk down sexy memory lane?

Hottest Alumni of the Big Ten
Hottest Alumni of the Big Ten
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