Jerry Jones Picture Leaker: George W. Bush Was Notified Of The Photos, Ignored Him




The guy who leaked the now infamous Jerry Jones photos where he’s grabbing a boob and has a chick’s head in his lap, now says that multiple important people were warned about the photos before shit hit the fan on Tuesday. Frank Hoover, the mysterious picture leaker, might be the most interesting man on the Internet right now. Here’s what he says now that the awesome photos are out there for the American public.

Via Facebook:

Jerry Jones’ attorney, Levi McCathern, failed his client and had the chance to prevent this by helping me. I asked for nothing in return except a meeting with Jerry. Levi ignored the risks to my life and his client, then had the Highland Park police threaten me with harassment charges. If anyone is to blame, it’s Levi McCathern.

George W. Bush was also notified and he ignored me too. Talk about upstanding Christian values….you’re all fake. Take a look at the Golden Rule. You won’t buy a ticket to Heaven from me. Taylor Swift had a copy of the document just in case but the cat is out of the bag. Sorry Jerry and the Dallas Cowboys….now you know the TRUTH.

George Bush and Taylor Swift could’ve helped Jerry, but they obviously refused to get involved. Oh well, lucky for us.

As I said yesterday in the initial post, it’s next to impossible to put the real pieces of this puzzle together. Is the photo leaker’s real name actually Frank Hoover? Who the hell knows? This guy says he’s the Son of God. I will say, however, that the photo leaker isn’t some complete idiot. Notice his punctuation. A completely off the charts weirdo would use “your all fake.”

This is Frank Hoover:


jerry-jones-nsfw-1 jerry-jones-nsfw-2

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