Chrissy Teigen’s 1st Pitch In 1080p







Love her or hate her, the good news when Chrissy Teigen does anything in public is that she’ll generate media, which will be turned into GIFs, which are turned into posts, which are tweeted, which turn into pageviews and ultimately end up paying my bills on a monthly basis.

The good news here is that those who hate Chrissy will get to vent for 2-3 hours. Those who love Chrissy get new GIFs to do whatever with and life goes on.

I’ve heard both arguments on Teigen. Those who hate her can’t stand that she can be a bitch. Those who love her don’t care that she can be a bitch. Those who hate her think she’s constantly acting to get attention and can’t stand the fact that she is a celebrity. Those who love her don’t care that she’s constantly acting and don’t seem bothered that she’s a celebrity.

She’s the Miami Heat LeBron James of the SI swimsuit model community.

We’re left with Chrissy throwing out a first pitch last night at the Dodgers game in 1080p.


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