2014 NFL Rookie Haircuts



I miss the days when the New York Giants taped up rookie Rueben Randle and threw him into an ice bath. Those were the fun days of training camp hazing. That tradition was ruined because the NFL got all sensitive when videos came out showing the rookies getting lit up by the veterans who cheered on the hazing. According to the NFL, it was a bad look. I didn’t think so. It was just men being men. We’re talking about a sport where men punch each other in the nuts while on the bottom of piles. That’s straight from the NFL.

But hazing is out.

So the vets have to really enjoy the rookie haircuts. Of course you remember Tebow’s Friar Tuck look. It was, and still is, the most recognized rookie haircut in rookie haircut history. But these vets keep getting more creative by the year. Take this year for example. The Colts shaved a palm into a rookie’s hair. They also¬†turned¬†OL Jack Mewhort into a bald Hulk Hogan.

While the fun hazing is forever gone in the NFL, we can still look forward to haircuts rookies will always cherish. No matter if they are cut after the first preseason game or go on to a long career, these guys will show their kids and grandkids photos of the rookie haircut.

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