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Doughy Jameis Winston, Shirtless Matthew Stafford & Blonde Wants Rory


What a helluva weekend I had. One of the best ever.

Maybe you heard about that little story about how Lake Erie is full of algae and the water supply is now fucked up. Yeah, the city I live in gets that shitty water. So I had to find water, figure out how we’ll take showers, how we’ll get water to use for dishes, washing hands, etc. for the foreseeable future.

The natural question: Why don’t you move out of that shithole?

Because there are things called family that sometimes prevent people from just picking up and leaving the problems behind. And…we opened Busted Coverage Cleveland on Friday. I just can’t leave now before things get fun.

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

From : Derek Jeter has 162 hits at Fenway Park, 4th-most in Yankees history behind Gehrig (193), Ruth (173) and Mantle (165).

He really is one of the all-time greats. I didn’t really think that until I watched the Nike commercial.

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