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Charissa Thompson Seems To Be Enjoying Vacation


Haven’t heard much from Charissa Thompson lately? That’s because she’s on Fox Sports 1 and things are still slow over there. That should change in a few weeks when football cranks up again and Fox starts carrying Pac-12 games. A year ago at this time FS1 was cranking up the marketing campaign featuring Charissa and Erin Andrews as the new duo that was going to elevate the channel to a legit competitor for ESPN.

That obviously hasn’t happened.  In late July, Fox Sports Live averaged 58,000 viewers nightly. That’s not good.

So it makes total sense for Charissa to visit Turks and Caicos for some bikini Instagrams. At this point you have to try all angles to get new viewers. This might steal a couple from ESPN.

[via Charissa Thompson – IG]

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