2014 Football Sideline Reporters



2014 Football Sideline Reporters

According to an Associated Press-gfk poll conducted earlier this year, nearly 50% of Americans are NFL fans. That is about 150 million people from coast to coast making the NFL more popular than anything Iggy Azalea can put together in five minutes.

However, the NFL isn’t the only popular brand in America, NCAA football runs a close second with nearly 50 million fans packing into stadiums in 2013.  There are another 8.5 million viewers, on average, every Saturday night watching from home.

We think you get the point, right? Football is important to Americans.

It is a great sport and the best part is the sideline reporters. You might find yourself drifting away some games but then a smoking hot blonde comes on the screen and your ADD goes away for just long enough to admire the blue eyes smiling from afar.

How about a bunch of examples of what we are trying to say? Enjoy.

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