Tommy Lasorda Put On An Eating Exhibition In Cooperstown


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Ever been to Cooperstown for HOF weekend? Then you know the village is crawling with famous baseball guys who just hangout like commoners. Take Tommy Lasorda this weekend in Cooperstown. Nobody was as relaxed as Tom. The guy was so relaxed that he put on an eating exhibition for nerdy white guys who just wanted to be around the legend. Now 86, Tom is fully into f-it mode, just chowing on whatever he feels like chowing on. If he wants an ice cream cone, he pounds an ice cream cone. If he wants mozzarella sticks, he eats them. If the guy wants to pound a hot dog and a beer, he doesn’t hesitate to think of what that will look like on Twitter.

Tom doesn’t care. He hammers the hot dog and talks baseball with Bobby V.

That’s what HOF weekend is all about. Do yourself a favor, tell your father that’s where you’re going next summer. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to pound a hot dog with Lasorda.


Ice cream in my belly!

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Pasta dinner time!

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Mozzarella sticks? Why not?



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Destroying a hot dog:




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