Reno & Albuquerque Get Into Awesome Baseball Brawl; 10 Ejected

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After nearly seven years since starting Busted, I’m rarely impressed by a baseball brawl. It has to be a special brawl to actually get posted. That’s why you know this brawl between Reno and Albuquerque from Saturday night is worth your time.

When is the last time you saw players fighting right up against the backstop fence and right in the laps of elite Triple-A baseball fans? I’ve never seen it.

According to Reno’s KOLO:

Tempers flared between the two clubs in the top of the second inning. Albuquerque’s Esribel Arruebarrena took exception to a pitch from Reno’s Mike Bolsinger that was high and inside, and both teams’ benches and bullpens cleared in an incident that was largely free of physical contact. Arruebarrena struck out in the at-bat, and got into an altercation with Aces catcher Blake Lalli that led to another benches-clearing incident. This time, punches were thrown. When the dust settled, Arruebarrena and Lalli were ejected, along with seven other players. Aces manager Phil Nevin was also ejected from the game.


As for Erisbel Arruebarrena, he defected from Cuba in November 2013 and signed with the Dodgers in February so it’s good to see he’s acclimating himself with American baseball. It’s amazing how quickly these guys learn the unwritten rules. If you’re going to throw high and inside, Erisbel is going to start a giant brawl.