Kate Upton Went With A Dirty Nerdy Librarian Look Last Night At Tigers-Angels

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.02.09 AM


Maybe Pageviews and Verlander planned on role playing last night after JV’s start against the Angels, a 4-0 loss (Verlander gave up 3 earned and is now 9-9 this year). Kate would be waiting for JV at the hotel room. Verlander would be returning a library book that he forget to return before a long road trip. Pageviews would be playing the part of the nerdy librarian who would need a very good excuse from Cy Young on why the book was two weeks late. Not satisfied with the excuse, Pageviews would need to punish Cy for his oversight.

You get the idea.

It didn’t work, but at least Cy went seven┬ástrong and only walked three.

In other news, E! is reporting that Pageviews is now wearing a “Justin” bracelet. Why? That’s a great mystery that an entertainment reporter needs to figure out.

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