Schefter Explains Why NFL Only Suspended Ray Rice For 2 Games

The NFL took it easy on Ray Rice because he was a first time girlfriend/wife beater, is a model citizen (when he’s not knocking the shit out of her), the government didn’t prosecute, has a clean record, has no history of knocking the shit out of his girlfriend/now wife and is an active member of the Baltimore community.
That’s why he was only suspended two games.
That still doesn’t explain why Terrelle Pryor was suspended five games for shit that he did in college. IN COLLEGE. That still doesn’t explain why Albert Haynesworth got five games for stomping on a guy’s head during a game and getting five games. Anyway, time to move on. We’re done with this subject. Women won’t even remember this in October when we pink the shit out the league.
It’s great that we could get this all out on the table and have Schefter work as the league’s PR rep. Life goes on.

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