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The big news this morning is from ESPN sideline reporter Sam Ponder who has a deep thought to share:

Blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women & objectify their bodies, then take a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue really confuse me.

Constantly disrespect(s)? Which site?

So she’s saying that blogs disrespect and objectify women by posting photos of women — constantly. Those sites, in other words, are pig sites. Those sites are pretty much abusing women because they’re being mean to women by treating them as meat. Then, she’s saying, those same sites are mad that Ray Rice hit his fiancee (now wife) and only got a two-game suspension. She’s saying those sites are hypocrites because both parties are “being mean” to women.

What I couldn’t find from Sam was a tweet where she’s mad at the NFL for the two-game suspension. Or mad at the Ravens for not sitting his ass for half a season. Or mad at John Harbaugh for saying kids learned a lesson on Thursday. Or mad at the NFL Network for saying the league brought down the iron fist. So she’s wasting her time opining on blogs/the Internet, but won’t actually share an opinion on Rice’s punishment by the league and his team. I totally understand. Is it because her husband works in the NFL and you never know who will be your teammate or employer will be the next season?


I get it.

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