I Bought A $13 Brandon Weeden Gamer At TJ Maxx & Plan To Modify It



Earlier this week I saw (think it was from a Rovell tweet) how there was a TJ Maxx in my neighborhood that was selling Brandon Weeden gamers (the expensive version) for $13. So I went to the bar at lunch and came up with the idea that I (a loyal Bengals fan from birth and through the David Shula years) would go buy a Weeden jersey. There are reasons.

Reasons for buying the Weeden gamer:

• I’m planning on being at the Browns home opener for tailgating purposes because of Manziel Mania and needed a cheap jersey to fit in

• I didn’t want the normal Manziel jersey that 25,000 bros will be wearing

• Reader interaction is always fun

Plans for modifying the Weeden gamer:

• I’m opening up suggestions to the readers. You’ll decide what goes on the back of this jersey

• We can put tape over “Weeden” and write whatever you want

• I need suggestions (exp. — “I’m Drunk” or “Weed” or “Stupid” or “INT” or “Bust.” You get the idea.)



Weeden-2 Weeden-1


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