Sexiest WAGs Of NCAA Coaches


12 Morgan Miller - Archie Miller (Dayton)


What do Bobby Petrino, Bruce Pearl, Rick Pitino, and Lane Kiffin have in common?

All three of them have dealt with scandals during their coaching tenures. But that isn’t the reason we mention them today. The also have managed to either marry beautiful women or have┬áhad an affair with a former assistant. (Mr. Petrino, we are pointing at you!)

Not all NCAA coaches are sleazy scumbags that figure out a way to make beautiful women fall for them. In fact, a lot of the women that stand by their man do not even realize that we are ranking them today. If they knew, we would probably get a nice letter in the mail. Or a bad one. Either way, we don’t read the mail so good luck.

Here are the WAGs of the ladies that put up with more shit behind the scenes than the coaches you see on TV. Enjoy.


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