Adrian Peterson’s New Wife, Guy Really Hates Ohio St. & Arianny Doing The Alba


daily dump


Day baseball, Tour de France, WNBA action and then soccer. Tell me this time of year isn’t ripe for another sport to come in and steal the spotlight. You can’t. Soccer dorks will go nuts over a Sporting K.C. vs. Manchester City friendly on ESPN2. Yawn.


Meet Adrian Peterson’s new wife

Joel Embiid now working on Rihanna, not Kardashian

More of Lea Michele Bikini Boat Action!

This guy really, really hates Ohio State

The best umpire strike 3 call you’ll ever see

Dude leaves his 98 yr old mom in car while he gambled

Taylor Swift should burn these shorts

Arianny Celeste doing the Jessica Alba

Little League Tournament Catch of the Week


Sandwich Porn of the Day

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