2014 Hooters Pageant Competitors, Boeheim Tat & Sharapova Going For A Run


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Baseball is back and the Canadian Football League Friday night game features Hamilton at Calgary. That’s your Friday night on July 18. Make the most of it. Sit by the pool. Listen to music. Think about how nice it is that you don’t have to work for a couple days. You’ve survived another week. Relax.


2014 Hooters Pageant Contestants

Tim McGraw bitch slaps woman for doing this…

German soccer bro Mario Gotze & GF on a boat

Look at this Jim Boeheim tat

Hottest rowing team photos you’ll ever see

El Paso team to wear Chihuahua jerseys on dog night

Natasha Oakley bikini & overbite madness!

Sharapova going for a run

Pool Dunk of the Day (Bonus points for using left hand)

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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