Couple Gets Engaged During ESPYs Commercial Break


The 2014 ESPYS - Roaming Show


So I was going through our Getty account for images from the ESPYs when I came across one of the strangest happenings I’ve ever seen in awards show history. An engagement. Down on the knee, “Will you marry me?” engagement. An engagement during an ESPYs commercial break.

Ladies have told me over the years that the worst place a guy can pop the question is a sporting event, specifically a baseball game. I’m curious if the ESPYs is the new worst. It’s hard to think of something less romantic than getting engaged in front of 8,000 or so strangers, including Dan Marino, Lil Wayne, Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch.

And, if the guy was hoping for some publicity out of this, he’s out of luck. The Getty photographer didn’t get their names.

(Getty photos/Michael Buckner)

The 2014 ESPYS - Roaming Show The 2014 ESPYS - Roaming Show The 2014 ESPYS - Roaming Show

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