Manziel Finally Gets Away For A Quiet, Relaxing Cabo Vacation



I’m not betting my bank account that this is John’s final vacation before assuming his role as the Browns starting quarterback, but Manziel’s trip to Cabo this week is going to be one of the final hurrahs this summer. Sure, the guy might figure out a way to sneak in a Vegas quickie. That’s why I’d never bet against this guy. He could get a Sunday off and red eye to Vegas for a Tiesto set.

Details of this Cabo trip are slowing trickling in, but we do know that John made a stop to Squid Roe, a place he infamously was photographed in way back on Spring Break 2013.

It’s just your normal 21-year-old in Cabo, but I have to post this update because Cleveland guys demand this coverage. They click like crazy.

For those keeping track, yes, John spent time over the weekend in Toronto. The guy has more frequent flyer miles than you.

[via @thatkidzavala]

At the Pink Kitty:

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Party with sluts:

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Johnny being bothered:

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