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Gay World Cup, Shawn Kemp At Waffle House & German World Cups

Tell me that's Ric Flair


(Tell me that’s Ric Flair.)

It’s all over. Thank god. World Cup tweet statistic nerds can go back to doing whatever they do between tournaments.

Now, let’s get down to the NFL. Weddings are finished (McCarron-Webb). Vacations are about over. Babies have been born (Geoff Schwartz). LeBron’s decision is finalized so ESPN can now take Josina Anderson and send her to Denver. Johnny made a visit to Toronto. The Manning Passing Camp is over. Everything is falling into place for the start of the season. Here are your training camp dates.  The Hall of Fame game — Bills & Gianats — is August 3.

From @RJinVegas:

over/under for regular season wins: 57 wins (via

Miami only won 54 this season. Take the under.

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