Buy A Pile Of LeBron Jersey Ashes On eBay – $6.50 Current Bid




Are you having trouble finding a new LeBron jersey now that he’s back with the Cavs? Demand for anything LeBron and Cavs has exploded. Those “For6iven” shirts from Fresh Brewed Tees are so hot that buyers crashed the site. The owner expects to sell 10,000 shirts, according to TMZ.

So eBay might be the best choice at this point. There’s a great LeBron jersey that can be yours if you’re going with tape and dust. Current bid is $6.50.

For sale is a 2009 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey. This jersey was burned to a crisp after he left for the Miami Heat, but luckily for you I saved all of the ashes. Figuring he would eventually come back to Cleveland I have carefully stored all of the ashes in an Urn for safe keeping and preservation (Urn not included)

It’s OK to laugh Cleveland. You got your guy. Smile.



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