Atlanta Lingerie Coach to Toledo Fan: "Hey, F– You, Drink Another Beer"

I keep saying it time after time after time: The best part about the Lingerie Football League has to be the NSFW mic’d up coaches. There’s not much better in sports than some dude screaming at a chick — who is playing for free (they don’t get paid) — as if she’s out there playing for a trip to the Super Bowl.
Here we have Atlanta Steam head coach Dane Robinson going nuts on quarterback Jodie Nettles after a terrible INT. It’s the kind of play that drives head coaches nuts, especially coaches coaching women who aren’t getting paid a dime. NOT A DIME.
The best part here isn’t that Dane threw a chair or berated his QB in front of a packed house of 800 at Toledo’s Huntington Center. It had to be Dane dropping a “Hey, fuck you, drink another beer,” on a Toledo fan.
The good new for Robinson is that his team won 40-13.

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"F— Her Right In The Pussy" Gets Violent On WGN
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