German Soccer WAGs Celebrate Their Meal Tickets Winning The World Cup

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final


That is Mats Hummels celebrating Germany’s World Cup win with girlfriend Cathy Fischer, a member of the German WAG Big Three. You might remember Fischer from earlier in the tournament when her and fellow WAGs destroyed a bag of popcorn and took selfies during a match.

It’s finally over for these German WAGs. They finally got to celebrate the big win, the fame that’s coming their way and the news that they’ll be able to go home and go shopping for World Cup gala dresses. I don’t know what kind of credit cards these German bros use, but those cards are about to get pounded.

We’ll never forget Fischer, Montana Yorke, and Ann-Kathrin Brommel. They somehow managed to life through a month in Brazil being pampered by hotel staff, German soccer officials and stylists making sure they looked good at matches.

(Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)