Shirtless Andrew Luck Playing Beach Soccer In Brazil




You might remember a couple weeks ago when Andrew Luck went to the World Cup for a USA match and was mistaken for Michael Phelps. Now comes the photo of shirtless Andrew Luck playing beach soccer while on his trip. Why is this important? Because you might remember a year ago today when BC published a list of shirtless NFL QBs and their chances of winning a Super Bowl.

The point of the post was that a quarterback doesn’t need to be ripped like Cam Newton or RG3 to win a Super Bowl. Normal, dumpy quarterbacks win titles.

At that time there was a guy named Russell Wilson who wasn’t exactly ripped like physical specimen Colin Kaepernick.

I wrote:

Russell Wilson; going to get dumpy – mark my words. This is my guy. Bet him right now.

No joke.

So, my 2014 sorta dumpy quarterback pick to win the Super Bowl is Andrew Luck. It will be practically imposible for the Colts to not win the AFC South. There are six wins. They also get the Browns, Ravens, Bengals, Steelers and a home game against the Redskins. I’m smelling 11 wins, a first-round bye and at the very least a trip to the AFC Championship.

Luck is my guy. And it’s a good sign that the guy understands that you don’t wear really short trunks like Joe Flacco.

[via @LuisNFL2013]

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