Sharapova Beach Time, Notre Dame’s New Sideline Reporter & Parnevik Crash


daily dump


Women’s British Open. The U.S. Senior Open Championship. The John Deere Classic. Don’t like golf? You’re in big trouble this afternoon. This really is a shitty time for sports. The Tour de France is a mess. ESPN is showing women’s World Cup SOFTBALL. Even the soccer nerds on EST have to stay up until 11 to catch some worthless MLS match.


Maria Sharapova bikini beach time in Mexico

Meet Notre Dame’s new blonde sideline reporter

DeSean Jackson’s interesting new haircut

Jesper Parnevik busts his ass on a Segway

Hawk Harrelson being racist to Asians?

This chick is coming to the UFC

Selena Gomez nip slip Insty

MMA reporter Andrea Calle hits the beach

Multiple Pass Pool Dunk of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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