Cowboys Cheerleaders At Baseball Game, Rob Ryan In SD & Dutch Hulkster

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I went to a bar last night for some dinner and to keep an eye on the Netherlands-Argentina match. This is a bar that is normally filled with college-aged, highly educated, hipster, world traveling locals. It’s the type of place where you’d expect to find World Cup nerds sweating a Final Four match.

Nope. There were about 10 people in the place that actually gave a shit about the match.

Look, I know all you soccer nerds tried to drive it down my throat that soccer mania was about to take over this country. Soccer mania isn’t taking over shit until the common person gives a shit about the Netherlands vs. Argentina. Get back to me when that happens and I’ll know that soccer has overtaken baseball for the third most popular sport in the U.S.

Speaking of baseball, you know who is hot? My Reds.That’s five in a row.

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

Another win for Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon– he’s 6-0 with a 2.47 ERA in last 8 starts