Buy Shaq’s 2003 Lincoln Navigator — James Posey Signed The Dash


Shaq has 4 rings, 2 scoring titles, 1 platinum album, and more than 42 CARS! And now you can own one (of the cars that is).

For less than the price of Lakers floor seats you can buy Shaq’s 2003 Lincoln Navigator. Sure there’s some cracks in the paint and holes in the leather, but you should still bid on it because Shaq, man.

He even signed the dash! ….wait… #40? That’s Udonis Haslem. And James Posey #42? That’s not added value, that’s vandalism.

According to the seller:

Thank you for viewing this Extreme vehicle pimped out by Shaquille O’Neal himself on MTV Cribs.  This truck was actually featured with other Shaq vehicles in one of the Celebrity Car Magazine issues.  This was his personal Navigator driven by him while in L.A. with the drivers seat customized to retract all the way to the back seat to accommodate his 7′ 1″ inch 330 pound frame.  The black leather bucket seats have his favorite hero logo Superman on the headrest of each.  The gas and brake pedals are electrically adjustable as well, so he could stretch out his legs, but they do all go back to almost normal, so even a 5 ‘8″ man can drive this vehicle.

He tricked out the truck with dual exhausts and even made this the 1st ever Lincoln Navigator to have Lamborgini doors.  It took 3 non-stop days to build these doors.  I have taken the Lambo’s off, but still have the hinges and now that the holes have been drilled and the doors have been adjusted slightly, it will be an easy fix to install them again.  I took them off for the simple reason that I couldn’t go anywhere without being surrounded and the next thing I knew there were people everywhere taking pictures…just stopping for gas became an ordeal.  Also, the spinners had to come off at some point.  These DEVIN Spinners were over $10,000 when bought in 2003 and are in great shape, but again, it drew so much attention. I always thought that I would one day modify them so that they wouldn’t spin any more and be more appropriate for this day and age.  This truck will be sold with the new rims and the old spinners, so you can swap them out whenever you want to.  It has a custom billet grill with Shaq’s Lakers #34, Superman and Twism logos personalized on the front in metal.

If you like Shaq, and you LOVE James Posey…and Haslem, the bidding starts at $15,000. Buy it HERE!