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Urban Meyer Vacation, World Cup Gambling Win & Greg Oden Wedding Date

Bad parenting


You really have to congratulate Brazil for playing their hearts out against Germany. Most teams would crumble after going down 7-0. Not Brazil. They came back to make it 7-1 and give their fans something to cheer about. They really showed heart in that one.

How about some gambling news on this blowout.

From @Johnny_Detroit:

Someone might be pissed. to beat 7-0 was 500-1 ($100 bettor wins $50,000) at in Ireland.

The odds of winning 7-1 today over are the same (500-1) as the New York winning the World Series.

Meanwhile, in Vegas news, the authorities have figured out the identity of the guy who jumped to his death Monday night from the roof of Circus Circus. How does someone even get to the Circus Circus roof?

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