Pageviews Drags Jarret Stoll To Disney World




Bro, there is still time to get out of this mess. All you have to do is tell her you are going in a different direction and need some space. Stoll, you have to realize at 32 that this is a big moment in your life. Pageviews WANTS to be married by this time next summer. She’s 36 and the time is ticking.

I’ve been trying to warn Stoll over the last month or two that he’s heading down a slippery slope. Then I see that Pageviews dragged his ass this week to Disney with the family. That’s a bold move just a few weeks after the guy won a Cup.

Stoll will either be engaged by the end of summer or he’ll be spotted getting hammered in Cabo not giving a shit about women or marriage. This situation could get ugly.

Remember when your dad told you vagina would make you do crazy shit? It will. Your dad was correct.


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