Adrian Peterson Buying Fireworks, Oden At Grocery & Denise Milani Is Back!

That horse will school your ass


Here we go with the World Cup semifinals. I expect all the soccer nerds to tell us all about the TV ratings for today’s games and how they were so spectacular. Brazil-Germany play today at 4 EST. The Dutch and Argentina play on Wednesday at 4. You think casual fan will be calling in sick or taking a vacation day for those games? Will people watch? Of course. There isn’t shit on, especially live sports right now.

Chew on this from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Adam Dunn’s HR– 453rd of his career, passes Carl Yastrzemski into 35th place all-time in HR

Dunn turns 35 in November. He shouldn’t have a problem getting to 500. That should get him in the HOF, right? The guy has led the league in strikeouts four times during his career. That’s good, right?

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