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2014 MLB All-Star Game WAGs

AL Hannah Davis - Derek Jeter


Of all the interesting things about professional baseball, the all-star game is by far the worse.

If you could write out a list of reasons why professional baseball is amazing, you would end up leaving off the All-Star game 9 times out of 10. Why? Because it sucks, that’s why.

It takes Derek Jeter retiring and playing in his final All-Star game for us to care about tuning in on July 15th. Outside of being able to watch the greatest Yankee shortstop of all time make his final All-Star appearance, we are good to go.

But since we love sports and we love women even more, we have found a way to make things a bit more interesting on a July Tuesday night in Minnesota by introducing you the sexiest WAGs of the NL and AL rosters.


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