Messi’s Girlfriend, Lasorda’s Cell & Manziel Hangs With RG3

Canada Day!


I woke up and felt fine this morning. Soccer is finally over and we can get down to business with the NFL. The Buffalo Bills report to camp on July 18 and have their first practice on the 20th. Manziel reports on July 25 (find your team’s camp schedule here). The World Cup did a good job of bridging us from the NBA Finals to the NFL. It was a nice run and gave BC a few pageviews. That’s all you can really ask for this time of year.

Did you stay up for this?

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

Dodgers hit into a triple play scored 7-2-4 … the first 7-2-4 triple play since June 15, 1986 (Mariners hit into one vs White Sox)


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