Manziel. Mayweather. Bieber. Hollywood Party.




John Manziel definitely toned things down after the Browns had a conversation with their starting QB about trying to stay out of the spotlight. That was John partying last night with Bieber and Mayweather at a Beverly Hills house where cops were called, according to TMZ.

I just report this stuff.

John said he had it all under control.

Joe Haden advised his starting QB to tell people to put away the cameras so his fun wouldn’t be seen and create headlines. From what I can see, Manziel wasn’t trying to avoid cameras last night. And who can blame him? The guy wants the world to see that he rose from nothing to Heisman winner to partying with Bieber and Money.

Think about this — Money Mayweather and Money Manziel in the same house partying their asses off with a bunch of hot chicks and famous people. That’s the American DreamĀ®, right?

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