Video Of England Fan Having His Ear Bitten Off At The World Cup


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British tabloid Sunday People went nuts this weekend over an ear biting incident at the Uruguay-England match played over 10 days ago. The paper says this incident where a British dude lost his left lobe happened just after the match ended.

The victim told the paper:

“I said to him ‘What’s going on here mate?’ I’ve been to games for 20 years and never seen anything like that.

“He told me the guy called him a ‘black ****’ and said something like, ‘you shouldn’t be supporting England’.

“Everyone was completely and ­utterly upset. Then he was given first aid in the first-aid room.”

Both teams have now exited the World Cup and a guy went home with a war story. Everyone just needs to relax and be thankful nobody has died. Wait — the mayor of Bogota, Colombia says eight of his citizens died in celebrations after the national team beat Uruguay.

I guess losing a lobe isn’t that bad after all.

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