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Dan Bilzerian Has Done It Again

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.53.58 PM



Just when you were becoming miserable thinking about another long week at a job you hate and being married to a woman you despise, Dan Bilzerian (Instagram) comes to the rescue with yet another video that takes you to a fantasy world where you get to shoot big guns in the desert & hang with porn chicks.

Let me recap Dan’s month:

• Started the month with two nearly naked chicks cleaning his bathroom

• A 458 Spider in his driveway

• His cat looking at guns laying on his bed

• Guns

• Hot chicks

• Hot chicks putting

• Judging a Hawaiian Tropic bikini pageant

• Crowd surfing in an inflatable dinghy at a Vegas club

• Skydiving

• Chicks with implants shooting guns

That’s about it.

Best of Dan Being Dan:

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