Ryan Braun’s Lingerie Model Wife Is Definitely Pregnant







Ryan Braun and his lingerie model wife Larisa Fraser Braun wasted little time after their December wedding with the baby makin’ business. Larisa Braun, who made an appearance today on Fox Sports Wisconsin during the Rockies-Brewers game, was definitely showing off a bun in the oven. How this news hasn’t made it to the Wisconsin mainstream media is mind-boggling.

You’re telling me that a gossip reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn’t know that Braun’s wife is pregnant? That’s only the second biggest news in the state right now behind Aaron Rodgers trying to date Olivia Munn. Wisconsin media has to do better than this.

Even Fox Sports Wisconsin sideline reporter Sophia Minnaert avoids asking Larisa about the bun. Not even a fun, “Do you have a name picked out yet?,” softball lobbed her way.

Brewers fan: Would you like to get the Brauns a baby gift? This appears to be the baby registry (it’s a girl, according to the registry). There’s a $300 breast pump on that registry. And bra pads. Remember, Ryan can use all the help he can get because he’s only making $10 million this year and $12 million during the 2015 season when he’ll be blowing through hundreds monthly on diapers and formula.




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