Rex Ryan Gets Italian In Brazil, Manning Makes Kid Cry & Manziel Ex Roots For Germany

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Wasn’t the NBA Draft fun? It was a blast. Jalen and Bill were so funny with their one liners. Had me cracking up. I also loved how damn near every pick was a good pick, according to the ESPN crew. Zzzzzzzzz. The big highlight of the night for me was what Andrew Wiggins wore and didn’t wear. The guy walked out not wearing socks. Bold move.

My favorite moment of the night had to be Zach LaVine mouthing “Fuck me” after being drafted by Minnesota. The guy has since told the media that was a “Fuck me” in a good way, just a way to release the stress of waiting to be drafted. Sounds like a good excuse. Enjoy losing in Minnesota, bro.

In soccer gambling news, from @RJinVegas:

$100 on USA to make Round of 16 won $275

There is good news for those of you who like blurred naked people on TV. VH1 has a show coming out soon called “Dating Naked,” where couples will be naked and dating while going on naked adventures.