NBA Draft Girlfriends: Kendra Shaw Is Julius Randle’s Main Piece




Meet Julius Randle’s NBA Draft girlfriend Kendra Shaw. Ms. Shaw, who seems to have a love of making “Oooooo” faces for Instagram photos, is in Brooklyn for tonight’s draft where Julius is expected to be a top-10 pick. That means Kendra could be the big breakout star who gets TV time when her meal ticket gets picked and shown on ESPN fitting that new hat on his head.

It’s obviously a big moment for both.

This is when jersey chasers hit the lottery and finally get that American Express card they’ve been dreaming about. Here come the cars, the houses, the jewelry, the island vacations and a life of wealth. You think of all the work a jersey chaser puts in for this one moment in her life. It all comes down to this.

Here’s the rookie money scale for draft picks. Julius is about to become a wealthy 19 year old with a busty blonde on his arm and about to go on this journey with him.

Kendra bio:

• Miss Kentucky Teen USA contestant

• Studying Fashion Merchandise at Kentucky

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