Boris Diaw Tore Up A Texas Bachelorette Boat Party



Nobody seems to be enjoying the Spurs winning the NBA title like Boris Diaw. While Tim Duncan is off building model airplanes or whatever he does in the offseason, Diaw went straight for Lake Travis and the first bachelorette party he could find. The guy is 32. He’s obviously experienced in how to handle these type of situations.

Play it cool, let the girls know you just destroyed LeBron and the Heat, let them get all excited and then tell them the only way you’re coming aboard their watercraft is if you get to kiss the bachelorette.

The big question is, did Captain Stabbin’ turn this boat excursion into something we’ll be seeing on YouPorn? That poor guy she’s marrying must be losing sleep over these photos.


Boris-Diaw-Bachelorette- Boris-Diaw-Bachelorette-3


A couple days before the boat party: