Sir Nick Faldo Liked Our "He Said/She Said" Question At Last Night's Glenmorangie Event

I couldn’t be in New York last night for a Glenmorangie Whisky event at Chelsea Piers because I live in Ohio and it would be ridiculous to fly to New York to hear Sir Nick Faldo talk golf to a bunch of stuffy white people. So I sent Nobles, a black dude from the NY Coed/Busted Coverage office, to the event to spice things up a bit. The guy delivered a gem during the Q&A session.
According to Nobles, the questions from the stuffy white people were completely boring and just seemed to be too serious for a whisky event. Then it was time for Nobles to deliver the question of the night to Nick, a 56 year old with six major titles, three at the British and three at the Masters.
It’s a great question:
How many  — on average — that’s what he said/she saids do you drop with your caddy during a round?
Of course it didn’t really come out perfectly because Nobles was drinking whisky and isn’t a trained journalist like those stuffy white people you see sitting up front. And Faldo ate it up. He didn’t totally understand the question, but Nobles reported back that Nick seemed to really perk up compared to the other dusty questions.
Sir Nick closed out the night by hitting some balls and toasting with some Glenmorangie 18-Year-Old.
*Thanks to the great people at Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky for the invitation. 

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