Boomer’s Daughter In Bikini, Romo Curses Dirk & Mexican Coach Mullet

Best World Cup sign I've seen all month

You have no idea how much I enjoy the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes that is all the rage in the NBA. Chicago. No, Dallas. No, Houston. No, the Heat are back in contention. Wait, the Knicks seem to be back in the lead.

Here’s Carmelo’s career playoff record: 23-43. His teams have only won 3 playoff series in 10 years.

Have at it, NBA teams. Enjoy having that playoff killer on your team.

From @RJinVegas:

USA now 40/1 to win . Sportsbook.ag took 4 different $500 bets on USA at 200/1 before the tournament.

You ever lit money on fire?


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