Erin Andrews Sips From The Cup

Sunday Funday for Pageviews.
Has there ever been a sideline reporter who has gone from actually being a sideline reporter, to jersey chaser, to world champion faster than Pageviews? I can’t name one. This chick has all but disappeared from Fox Sports and seems to be angling for a ring from Jarret Stoll, only working NFL games and a few years of pumping out kids and probiotics commercials.
Good for her.
Pageviews (@ErinAndrews) tweeted:

Drink it in…it always goes down smoooooooth

As Stoll is shoving the Cup down her throat.
Let’s not forget that babies and adults have treated the Cup like a toilet bowl. Let’s not forget that dogs and even a horse have slurped from the Cup. Let’s not forget that Messier used to take the Cup to strip clubs. Just let Pageviews have her moment.

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