Yes, LeBron Is In The Bahamas With Ray Allen




The big question Thursday on Twitter centered on where LeBron James was and whether there was a meeting with Micky Arison over taking a pay cut.

Orlando TV sports anchor David Pingalore (@pinglocal6) caused a scene with what an insider dropped in his lap.

Also hearing today that Lebron James met with team owner at a Miami Restaraunt. LBJ stormed off when asked about a pay cut

I give that tweet about a 14% chance of being legit. Stormed off?

LeBron must’ve had that meeting before jetting off Wednesday with his family and Ray Allen’s family for some fun on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. King said earlier this week that he would go on a family vacation before deciding what he’d do in Miami. Then he went on vacation.

Look, LeBron isn’t going anywhere. Where’s he going to go? His brand needs Miami. He’s already used up his one leave town card. He still has Bosh and Ray Allen. Sit Wade until March 2015. Get back to the Finals and try again against the Spurs. It’s not like there’s a challenge out of the East. Oh, the Bulls with Carmelo? Come on.

LeBron goes on vacation, recharges his batteries, comes back to Miami and says he’s not going anywhere. This one is too easy.



LeBron-Bahamas-2 LeBron-Bahamas-3

That is supposed to be LeBron:



LeBron, Wednesday, in Abaco, Bahamas:


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