The Katherine Webb & AJ McCarron Wedding Registry — Legit?

You might’ve noticed Thursday on TMZ that McCarron & Katherine Webb had a few knives on their wedding registry for the big event that goes down July 12 in Phenix City, Alabama. It appears those knives are from their Williams-Sonoma registry that is live. There is also a Macy’s registry listed featuring a $320 blender and a $215 beverage dispenser.
Four items have been purchased from the Williams-Sonoma registry. Nine items, including a $400 pots and pans set has been snagged from the Macy’s registry.
Of course I’d love to buy the Martha Stewart Color Coded Cutlery for the couple that Busted Coverage first told the Internet about way back in 2012. It’s the least I could do for them, but I have questions about this registry.
Is it even legit?
Would Katherine create an account with AJ’s name misspelled? It’s just weird that nine items would be purchased if this wasn’t legit. Are Bama fans actually sending gifts to some loser who created a fake registry to cash in on the McCarron-Webb wedding? Or is it legit and I’m overreacting.
I’m just asking for someone in either of the camps to reach out via email or @bustedcoverage and let me know. If it’s legit, cool, I’ll buy the color coded knives. If it’s not, let’s get the authorities involved for theft of wedding gifts.
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