Erin Andrews' Jorts, Dutch Get Past Pussies & Nats Fan Drooling On Himself

Congratulations to the College World Series for finally giving up a home run. There has been one dong this year and it came last night in the Texas 1-0 win over UC Irvine. Ahh, college baseball how it was meant to be played — bring the outfielders in to take away liners that used to be singles because guys can’t hit the ball more than 325 feet.
I said it last night on Twitter: I miss the days when guys were ripping 500-foot bombs at Rosenblatt. The college game has been ruined by dead bats. Who gives a shit about college pitching? College pitchers did fine at the next level when there were juiced bats. Baseball is dangerous for a pitcher no matter what kind of bat guys are using. You can take a guys head off with a softball bat.
RIP college baseball.
Speaking of pitching and defense, from @ESPNStatsInfo:

The only pitcher with more strikeouts than Kershaw’s 15 in a no-hitter in MLB’s modern era (1900) is Nolan Ryan.


Scottie Pippen Raced Goldfish At Lexington Bar Last Night
Scottie Pippen Raced Goldfish At Lexington Bar Last Night